Hullo, I'm Canid, the Webmaster here! this section is a W.I.P...

I wouldn't consider myself a very easy guy to get along with if you don't already know me. I'm not great at holding up conversations and I don't pick up on social queues well. I'd describe myself as a young man who likes doing things no matter how pointless they are.

One thing that I love is collecting. I have massive collections of various things. I have hundreds of stuffed animals and figurines. I have 3? digital cameras, and I don't even know how many instant films. I have a rock slash crystal collection, along with many other trinkets like bones, plants, taxidermized insects, etc. I am very passionate about everything I collect and talk about. Despite being burnout fairly often recently, I will always hold all of these things close to me.

Some of my favorite things are media related, whether it be horror films, music production, or tv shows. I love crime docs (the fandom not so much.) and anything having to do with gore and grime.
I listen to and enjoy a lot of different music, but recently I've been listening to a lot of digital hardcore and breakcore. I make a lot of music playlists on my spotify if you're interested in that stuff.

It's always been a dream of mine to create a visual novel! But I have no patience or skill. I do make art, it's not great or anything. There's a section on here that I post art on sometimes , but I clear it out pretty often.
I don't currently have a job or anything, so I'm online a lot of the time. I'd describe myself as a NEET ironically, but it's true.

I'm just a dude on the internet typing stuff on my keyboard, don't get pissy over some pixels!

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